Just Care

Fraser Crowe’s design team care a lot about textiles. We also care about the planet. While all our garments contain a detailed Care Label with international coding for each step of full laundering, we encourage customers to consider not over laundering.

All our garments are made in Aotearoa New Zealand by expert makers. We have designed each piece for wearing in a way that reduces the need for laundering and have formulated specific instructions to aid in caring for your very special purchase. In most cases fabric items can be refreshed simply by hanging in gentle airflow.

In general if an accidental spill occurs, we recommend spot cleaning with a small amount of water followed by air drying the garment. As direct sunlight can fade textiles, we recommend if hanging your garments outside, that you turn them inside out.

For further information and care instructions specific to a style please check out the care link on the style page. 


Care more wash less and save our precious resources. #caremorewasteless #caremorewashless

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