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Fraser Crowe values textiles

Our garments are made from high quality gorgeous fabrics.


At a time when the world is taking note of environmental and ethical issues in the fashion industry, we use gorgeous cloth and a mindful approach to disrupt mindless wastefulness, and to shift thinking towards sustainability in fashion. It’s true some people are more in tune with why they choose and wear a particular fabric, cloth or clothes. Regardless, for most people their interactive relationship with textiles begins when they are first swaddled as a baby, and ends when life does. As dramatic as that sounds, the very nature of cloth delivers a pliable, comforting, protective material. It is these properties that provide the strength, need and longevity of our ongoing liaison with textiles. When we wear textile, the body supports and activates its movement, drape and handle. Fabric can slide, stick, stretch, flow, bounce and strut; it can hold you tightly or cloak you.


At Fraser Crowe we love the tactile quality, language and symbolic nature of beautiful fabric; we care about cloth and select only quality fabrics throughout our process. In our approach to design we view each textile as a finished product, appreciating the value of the human and environmental inputs throughout the textile supply chain. Our design practice considers and implements work methods that maintain the integrity of the textile. We design garment forms that honour the textile, minimise waste and enhance and protect the body.


Correspondingly, a growing appetite for innovation in textile design has steered Fraser Crowe’s design team into developing our own ranges of signature textiles: fabrics exclusive to Fraser Crowe’s collections that are rich in ideas, push boundaries and make the work unique. Consistent themes that run through these luxe limited edition fabrics often acknowledge heritage and recognise the language and history of textiles. Some designs are embedded with narrative, while others play with visual contradictions.


A characteristic of many of Fraser Crowe’s textile prints is the use of the visual device called mise en abyme; a formal technique in which an image contains a smaller copy of itself. This is used to push against typical traditional repeat patterns and to create textiles that have a sense of space in their two dimensional patterning. This also dovetails with a  design methodology used in designing textile where elements are documented photographically and reassembled in various layers to fuse with copies of themselves and other elements in composite mash-ups; resulting in fabrics that not only feel lovely but also look amazing.


We see around us textile products perpetually manufactured for newness, consumed for a fashionable moment then wastefully discarded. Fraser Crowe denounces this mentality. It is with a deep respect for cloth, its makers and the complexities in the various roles textile plays in culture, society and life that we push against the de-valuing of this valuable and meaningful material. To fly the flag (yet another valuable textile object) that honours all aspects of textile production and appreciation.


Join us!