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Fraser Crowe values slow fashion

The Fraser Crowe team has been pushing back against societies relentless time pressure since the late 90’s. We began commenting on the blistering pace of social order, by making works like Dual Outlook (1997) and Pace Breaker (1998) that focused on the need (back then) to slow down and reflect and contemplate. Now with an increasingly demanding market changing the dynamics of the fashion industry it seems natural that we would resist the pressure to conform to retail schedules.

We don’t want to continue the wasteful cycle of continually changing styles as a means to drive sales, we value the importance of longevity and believe that good design will outlast fast changing trends.

Fraser Crowe considers that design is the key to providing gorgeous garments that can stand the test of time. We align with Vivienne Westwood’s longtime mantra: we start with ‘choosing well’ and then we design to ‘make it last’. We elect quality over quantity and we employ construction techniques that promote longevity. Our team methodology starts with elevating the worth of the textile: viewing each textile as a finished product, appreciating and valuing the extensive inputs of human and environmental effort throughout the textile supply chain.

Fraser Crowe values the thinking behind tradition, reviving and employing long-lasting construction techniques and strategies that elevate the quality of our clothes. We choose a whole garment making approach and ensure all processes (time, labour and material) are implemented with respect during the development of our garments.

Along with tradition we consider heritage as an important factor contributing to the longevity of a garment: when a garment denotes or becomes part of our heritage we are more likely to pass it on as an heirloom and less likely to discard it. Fraser Crowe fosters and promotes the experience of the wearer as something special, an experience that lifts self-esteem, feels comfortable but not boring and makes a statement that is confident and mature.