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Fraser Crowe + Fashion Revolution CARE, ASK, KNOW Ribbon Share

24 April 2018, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Calling textile, planet and fashion lovers!!

Come to our event! Receive a CARE…ASK…KNOW…who made your clothes? ribbon tag.


We’re marking Fashion Revolution Day by giving away limited edtion silk ribbon tags to pin to your clothing for the day (and longer). Our crew will be at various spots along Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand giving these ribbons to passers by. Come get one, and wear it proudly!

When & where?

11am – 3pm, 24 April 2018

Ponsonby Rd, between Western Park and Three Lamps, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand


We believe that small acts can lead to systematic change. We also believe that transparency in the clothing industry matters and, like, that a great first step towards change is asking ‘who made my clothes?’Our CARE, ASK, KNOW Ribbon Share is aimed to begin, continue or develop small conversations (on the footpath and beyond) about the bigger issues of valuing textile and garment makers, demonstrating transparency in the supply chain and caring about environmental impacts of clothing manufacture and purchase. 

Fraser Crowe + Fashion Revolution Care, Ask, Know Ribbon Share


24 April 2018 marks five years since the horrific collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where more than 1130 garment workers lost their lives and over 2500 people were injured. Our ribbon share event, gifts members of the public a limited edition ribbon tag we have printed for this occasion.

Hosted in conjunction with Fashion Revolution Day Aus NZ, and the larger global movment Join us in this small act towards making change to the outdated models and mindsets in the global fashion industry.

Have you ever wondered who made your clothes, how much they’re paid, and what their lives are like? If not, start asking!