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Bigger Picture

Fraser Crowe Art Prints for Textiles : thinking through the design process

Fraser Crowe’s unique digital prints on silks and wool are embedded with narrative and provenance. Their key pictorial elements are often based on observations captured photographically; but buried beneath the initial visual impact these prints are engineered to encourage thinking about what’s happening in our environment; and to work on a moving body.

Fraser Crowe textile designs begin development alongside artist Deborah Crowe’s contemporary art and installation practice, in her Auckland studio. Imagery emerges in relation to some aspect of Crowe’s current art practice, drawn from a massive library of images, objects, drawings and collages. Then, in...

Fashion, Art and Friends

a fine art photographer
a contemporary jeweller
a young artist who plays in a punk band
a painter, previously trained as an engineer
a fashion designer
a visual artist
a stevedore got together.

There was homemade pumpkin soup and chocolate cake, attention to detail and, most importantly, a framework of friends working together. This was the collaborative process and vibe Fraser Crowe wanted for their first look book shoot; a relaxed and mutually supportive group of creative individuals at different stages of their careers working in sync, not necessarily working in their foremost genre of creative or logistical practice, but working together all the...