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Who Made Your Fraser Crowe Clothes?

Fraser Crowe Makers workroom collage

At Fraser Crowe we're proud to tell you about our makers. We're committed to transparency about who made your clothes, and we're super lucky to work with such amazing women. Recently, in connection with the international movement Fashion Revolution, we utilised's I made your clothes posters for some photographs of our lovely makers in their workrooms.


Sarah Wong Machinist Fashion Business

Sarah Wong

Sarah is one of our key suppliers, she is a Sample Maker with a wealth of experience and expertise. She came to New Zealand in 1989 and has established a cosy workroom in Auckland and works alongside a small team of enthusiastic makers. We love the friendly family feel of her work space when we pick up and drop off our work, her place is always buzzing.

We greatly appreciate Sarah's whole garment making approach and attention to even the smallest of details. She quickly identifies appropriate techniques to realise the Fraser Crowe intention.


Elise Cox Deirdre Morgan The Sewing Room
Elise Cox & Deidre Morgan, The Sewing Room
Elise & Deidre are makers with many years of study, practice and experience between them. They have recently opened The Sewing Room in Havelock North. As well as teaching their tradecraft, Deidre and Elise enjoy working with people interested in fashion sustainability. They say sharing our skills and experiences adds personal and professional meaning in a highly commercialised world.
As part of the Fraser Crowe makers team, we love their whole garment making approach for our very small runs. Elise and Deidre also make our production samples to be used as the template for production. Their wisdom provides valuable expertise in employing the best construction techniques that will deliver longevity for the garment.



Nadja Bahnikova Fashion business sample machinist

Nadja Bahnikova

Nadja is a very experienced Sample Maker. She emigrated to New Zealand from Prague, Czech Republic, in 2000. Her skills and expertise were well sought after within Aotearoa New Zealand’s thriving apparel industry. She married and now has two energetic boys. They recently moved to a rural home just south of Auckland with all the joys that a country lifestyle offers. Nadja is very active in the community and happily juggles the demands of country kids, in country schools, with numerous fundraisers and endless sports. Not to mention the backyard full of pets. Thankfully she always finds time to fit our samples into her busy country life.

Fraser Crowe loves that she is local and loves ‘making’. She designs under the label Nadja B. Design with a capsule collection stocked locally and selected items available through her Facebook page. She has a small well run workroom and we are appreciative of her expertise and approach to making. We value her opinion and swift identification of techniques that are appropriate to developing our Fraser Crowe intention. 



Fraser Crowe Care ask know who made your clothes ribbon share


Related to valuing makers of our clothes, Fraser Crowe co-hosted an activation event called Fraser Crowe+Fashion Revolution CARE, ASK, KNOW Ribbon Share on 24 April 2018. Part of the global Fashion Revolution collective movement, our crew were on one of the busiest shopping streets of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand and give members of the public a limited edition ribbon we printed for this occasion. We invited people to pin this to their clothes for the day (or longer). Check out our documentation in the Facebook Event and our blog Fraser Crowe+Fashion Revolution.

24 April 2018 marked five years since the horrific collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where more than 1130 garment workers lost their lives and over 2500 people were injured. 

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