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#lesslandfill Patches and Print

Wanna be in our gang?

As discussion spreads and more people take note of environmental and ethical issues in the fashion industry, we move to reduce situations of mindless wastefulness and to shift thinking towards sustainability in fashion. But, perpetually manufactured for newness, textile products continue to be consumed for a fashionable moment, and then wastefully discarded. It’s rubbish! Globally, the ubiquity of textile has become its downfall and devaluation has permeated all textile products.

BUT we can take small steps to reclaim the value of textile. If you feel the same way, be in our gang! Wear your convictions about reducing waste, respecting textiles and moving towards sustainability on your sleeve... or your back... your front... your bag or your jacket. Some of our like-minded neighbours are even wearing these on their office walls!

Fraser Crowe’s #lesslandfill patch DIY kit is a cool package with purpose. Designed with giving in mind, these colourful textile badges of affiliation printed in Aotearoa New Zealand on woven merino wool and packaged with a needle, threads and safety pins make a striking addition to clothing and a statement about our, and your, care for the planet. 

Help us spread the word and inspire others to take small actions to reduce landfill. Stitch or pin on your patch today!

fraser crowe #lesslandfill DIY patch kit in garden white t-shirt

#lesslandfill backstory

As creative practitioners the Fraser Crowe design team respond to the carelessness of our throwaway culture: we witness, almost daily, the build-up of personal waste, cast aside, awaiting council collection, and destined for landfill. In our approach to design we view each textile as a finished product, appreciating and valuing the extensive inputs of human and environmental effort throughout the textile supply chain. Our practice considers methods that maintain the integrity of the textile, through reduced cutting within the length. Thus, we design garment forms that both honour the textile and minimise waste.

Throughout our design process (and in everyday living) we consistently consider and implement reducing our waste, however we also come across people who havent yet started thinking twice about throwing something in the rubbish bin. We acknowledge we can’t always complete the loop and…, but we keenly encourage small acts that consider the environmental impact of living, specifically considerations around reducing landfill.

The phrase #lesslandfill was born out of conversations about this encouragement of small acts that reduce landfill.

Alongside the bold Fraser Crowe #lesslandfill patch DIY kit we have designed a beautiful #lesslandfill fabric. #lesslandfill is a luxurious and rich textile print in which imagery from everyday household rubbish is buried beneath lush images from the natural landscape - a reminder that every item discarded in household rubbish is destined for landfill[1]. It will occupy part of our landscape. Printed on fluid silk and merino wool this subtle message embedded in the print promotes the notion of building a sustainable fashion world, fosters ethical approaches to the production of clothing, pushes against short-term consumer focused lifestyles and is a warning-off from the superficiality of our current fashion industry.

When authentically constructed into high-end items of clothing, Fraser Crowe’s #lesslandfill pieces possess the potential to become heirlooms for the next generation.

[1] Billions of tonnes of wasted material is landfilled worldwide  Upon entering the cycle of municipal waste, all items are juxtaposed, whether previously useful recyclable material, or organic and rotting waste, thereby contaminating each item beyond recovery. Concurrently and consequently, plastic and fibrous items take many years to decompose in landfill, whilst producing leachate that contaminates groundwater sources (Fraser, 2015).










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