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One Dress, Twelve Outfits : Fraser Crowe’s Waste-less Dress Styled by Melanie Freeman

Winner of our 2018 Waste-less Dress Giveaway, Melanie Freeman, from Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand, styled this dress wonderfully - wearing it to Fashion in the Field, for casual weekend catch ups and utilising this garment's transeasonal wearability to the max.

Scroll down to see Melanie's images and read her great styling notes as they were published on Instagram (@melanie_freemannz and @fraser_crowe).

 Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


Casual weekend outfit featuring @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with its panels tied to the back. I chose the Black colourway as I felt I would have more versatility between work and play. Throw a bold coloured top underneath and a statement necklace @minxfootwear for the perfect weekend look. Hubby...#crashcourseinoutfitphotos

 Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


The @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress styled for work. It was freezing so I popped a merino under my dress, cinched it in with a belt and popped a blazer on. I got a lot of complements on the cut and drape of my Waste-less Dress especially on how you can move the panels front to back! #teachingmycollegueshowtotakeoutfitpics


I took my @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress to the True Colours Mid Winter Christmas Dinner and Fashion in the Field today. I discovered that you could pop the ties back inside dress via some clever holes in the seam, so I let it hang and drape freely. A nice contemporary twist teamed with a vintage silk balloon sleeved blouse, stockings boots and millinery by @clayandcalico. I also concealed a merino slip and skirt underneath. I'm all about those clever layers.


Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


Any other parents feeling the 2nd week of the school holidays? We got out of the house to grab some serious nosh at Two Birds and then went for a wander. I complemented my @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with a very subtle shirt that I scored opshopping and a gifted vintage necklace. No makeup, no fuss and super comfortable. @clayandcalico

 Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


Mrs Freeman! What are you doing? First day back for term 3 and I decided to pair my @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with some bold pops of pink. I layered a pink shift dress underneath with my #fraser_crowewastelessdress on top and popped a vintage cropped jacket on! Pink tights, a pink flamingo scarf and pink tassel earrings to complement.


How good is this weather at the moment?? I've had a pickle of a week but it’s always nice to dress up and get out of the house. I wore my @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with a short vintage kimono jacket and just a tee underneath. The panels were lightly tied to the front as I felt they complemented the structure of my jacket. 


Outfit seven of my @fraser_crowe Waste-less dress. I kept it simple as the weather yesterday didn’t require a lot of layers and I could highlight the lovely lines of the #fraser_crowewastelessdress. How cool is my new necklace from jewellery designer @clayandcalico!! Super colourful and subtle.

 Fraser Crowe Waste-Less Dress


Outfit 8: Nothing like a classic Black 'n' White outfit for the working week. I wore my White fantail shirt over the @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with Black accessories. Enjoying the warmer weather and being able to wear my Spring/Summer footwear!


Outfit 9: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its clear blue skies! #spring. Today we went for a walk with friends around Hamilton gardens. I wore my @fraser_crowe #wastelessdress with a wrap around dress worn as a duster coat. I flicked the ties behind my back, popped on a belt and viola! Instant coat. Hope you had a beautiful Sunday!


 Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


Street style in my @fraser_crowe #wastelessdress. Damn fine Spring Saturday. I brought the ties on the dress up to my waist and wrapped the dress around and bloused the top.


Outfit two for Saturday! I went to Pink! And it was mind blowing and a complete roller coaster of emotions. I also discovered a nifty trick with my @fraser_crowe #wastelessdress Waste-less Dress. If you bring one panel forward and one back and then knot the ties underneath you create some nifty looking harem pants / romper. Also that is Betty, hubbys second wifey.


Outfit 12 in the @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress Challenge.
I paired my waste-less dress with a custom sleeveless jacket from @clayandcalico, belted and paired with my favourite sandles from Minx.

More about how our 2018 Waste-less Dress Giveaway worked... Because we believe in longevity and love seeing people style our work in their individual way, we set up this giveaway. We called for interested people throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to enter and drew the winner out of a hat. The winner and recipient of this super versatile dress agreed to send us 12 pics wearing it styled 12 different ways within a 2 month period. We loved how Melanie Freeman styled this piece; demonstrating her individual style, her interest in vintage clothing and eclectic approach to accessorising and putting outfits together. 

About the Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress… This design creates zero textile waste and can be worn many different ways. Depending on how YOU put it together, it’s a great base to create loads of different looks. Twirl around in the gorgeous drape of the lovely viscose fabric, or, using the built in ties, flip the volume inside, to the back or the front for a slimmer silhouette. Wear as a sleeveless dress, style with boots and merino, a denim or wool jacket, sheer layers and/or stunning jewellery and you’ll get maximum wears from this wardrobe staple. 

Fraser Crowe’s Wasteless Dress comes in Midnight or Black. Melanie chose black as her giveaway prize.

Read about Doris de Pont, Founder and Director of the New Zealand Fashion Museum and her versatile travel wardrobe. Doris put together a capsule wardrobe under 7kgs to cater to light 'carry on' travel and unpredictable weather. One of her seven garments was a Fraser Crowe Wasteless Dress in Midnight.

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