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Fashion, Art and Friends

a fine art photographer
a contemporary jeweller
a young artist who plays in a punk band
a painter, previously trained as an engineer
a fashion designer
a visual artist
a stevedore got together.

There was homemade pumpkin soup and chocolate cake, attention to detail and, most importantly, a framework of friends working together. This was the collaborative process and vibe Fraser Crowe wanted for their first look book shoot; a relaxed and mutually supportive group of creative individuals at different stages of their careers working in sync, not necessarily working in their foremost genre of creative or logistical practice, but working together all the same. The team had unique contemporary jewellery to style with, the minimalist painter (working that day as hair and make up artist) discussed composition and qualities of light falling on fabric alongside the photographer and visual artist behind the camera; the fashion designer tirelessly prepared the fabrics and garments for camera; the stevedore hovered behind the scenes smoothing organisation things, and the jeweller and artist models joked as they swapped outfits and stories.

Committed to making beautiful garments for real bodies, Fraser Crowe was keen to photograph our garments on regular people, and in doing so, created a documentary photographic record of its delicate and sumptuous silk pieces worn mostly with the models’ own garments. Fraser Crowe subscribes to the well known saying ‘choose well, buy less, make it last’ first associated with Vivienne Westwood in 2014 and throughout the day discussion about the more philosophical and politicised aspects of fashion and it’s place in visual culture emerged. Art and parenting came into it too. Cutting with minimum or zero waste was part of the chat, and wearing the works in different positions on the body - sometimes inspired by the models inventive take on playing with shapes, drape and ties. The group witnessed styling options already conceived by Fraser Crowe, and provided some more, which was brilliant.

A great and productive day where the whole was definitely greater than the sum of the parts, contributed to by every member of the creative team. Roll on the next shoot!
Fraser Crowe Look Book teamsters: Renee Bevan, Caryline Boreham, Deborah Crowe, Kim Fraser, Daphne Simons, Kathryn Stevens, Gary Watson. Thanks to My Kitchen Rules crew for the yummy chocolate cake.

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