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One Dress, Twelve Outfits : Fraser Crowe’s Waste-less Dress Styled by Melanie Freeman

Winner of our 2018 Waste-less Dress Giveaway, Melanie Freeman, from Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand, styled this dress wonderfully - wearing it to Fashion in the Field, for casual weekend catch ups and utilising this garment's transeasonal wearability to the max.

Scroll down to see Melanie's images and read her great styling notes as they were published on Instagram (@melanie_freemannz and @fraser_crowe).

 Fraser Crowe Waste-less Dress


Casual weekend outfit featuring @fraser_crowe Waste-Less Dress with its panels tied to the back. I chose the Black colourway as I felt I would have more...

Travel Wardrobe – Doris de Pont packing lightly for changeable weather

We caught up with Doris de Pont, Founder and Director of the New Zealand Fashion Museum and chatted about the benefits of putting together a versatile travel wardrobe – the skill in packing just the right amount of pieces to give you options for seasonal changes and a variety of occasions; and fitting it all into a carry-on! Doris told us about a wardrobe combination she put together under 7kgs to cater for light travel and unpredictable weather.


Silk, Merino, Tencel & Viscose: Why These Fibres and Fabrics?

At Fraser Crowe we love the tactile quality, language and symbolic nature of beautiful fabric; we care about cloth and select only quality fabrics throughout our process. While we believe that transparency in the clothing industry matters, at the same time, we have an understanding of what we can influence and change and what is beyond our scope of influence. But we also believe that small acts can lead to systematic change, so we have undertaken a few fibres that are available to us, and promise to unravel their supply chain over time.

Fashion Revolution Day 2018

Fashion Revolution Day 2018

24 April 2018 marked five years since the horrific collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where more than 1130 garment workers lost their lives and over 2500 people were injured. We believe that small acts can lead to systematic change. So during Fashion Revolution week this year, in conjunction with with Fashion Revolution Day Aus NZ, and the larger global movement, we hosted CARE, ASK, KNOW Ribbon Share event along Ponsonby Rd.

Who Made Your Fraser Crowe Clothes?

At Fraser Crowe we're committed to transparency about who made your clothes, and we're super lucky to work with such amazing women and we are proud to tell you about our makers.